Career Prospects



The Local Industry Outlook

  • Over fifty-thousand annual seafarer jobs exist in Nigeria, and are being occupied mainly by foreigners due to poor capacity building among Nigerian citizens in the area of maritime technology. This trend has worsened the high unemployment rate in the country. Thereby, posing real threat to national security in Nigeria. Training of Nigerians in maritime transport is a step in the right direction in creating employments and a better life for many.
  • No doubt, the provision of maritime technology capacity—ocean going employment—will significantly reduce militancy and piracy in the Niger Delta Region of the country and the increasing threat by extremist groups such as Boko Haram in the Northern Region.
  • The Sea-Web statistics indicates that 579 ships are currently registered in Nigeria; with about 24,298 ships that called on Nigerian ports in the year 2011. These are clear indications of the growing need for capacity building in maritime transport by Nigerian citizens; with the opportunity of being able to find gainful employment in the booming maritime industry.

The Global Industry Outlook

  • The periodic BIMCO/ISF studies have highlighted an anticipated shortage of some 27,000 maritime officers worldwide by the year 2015; while a much recent study has predicted a shortage of up to 83,900 officers even sooner. These gaps must be filled up by qualified officers to guarantee smooth and sustainable operations in the industry, and to deliver its crucial mandate.
  • Again, the worldwide supply of seafarers in the year 2015 is estimated to peak at about 624,000 officers and 747,000 ratings; with about 102,194 commercial ships in service.
  • Hence, the need for sustained capacity building in the maritime transport industry cannot be overemphasized; as the sector presently provides employment opportunities for hundreds of people globally and more prospective job seekers.


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